Patenting Inventions and Technologies


Names, Logos, Brand Protection


Design protection


Protection of artworks: texts, media, images


Protection of source codes and databases


Licenses, assignments, franchise agreements

Protection and Disputing

Protecting your interests in courts, Rospatent, FAS

Zuykov and partners

Legal services in civil law, regarding the protection of intellectual property.

Legal support in Rospatent, FAS (the Federal Antimonopoly Service),
FTS (the Federal Customs Service), the Court for Intellectual Property Rights
and in courts of all instances.

We have over 7000 clients worldwide and 20 years’ experience.

We operate in Moscow, further places in Russia and abroad.

We never promise anything we cannot fulfill.

Our Team

We have 10 trademark and patent attorneys and we cooperate with trademark and patent attorneys worldwide.

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Patenting inventions and utility models

Design protection
International patents registration

and further registration and patent services

We have patented
over 400 inventions


Names, logos, trademark registration

Trademark search and check

International registration

and further trademark registration and support services

We have registered
over 5000 trademarks


We draw up and register agreements

Assignment agreements

License agreements

Franchise agreements

and render further services regarding agreements

We have registered
over 10000 assignment agreements
on trademarks and patents as well as license agreements

Disputes and Litigation

Court protection of rights to trademarks and patents

Disputing rights to patents and trademarks in Rospatent, FAS

Copyright protection

Unfair competition

Protection of business reputation

Ongoing court practice. We have handled
over 1000 cases
We are currently handling over 60 cases

One of the Leading Legal Firm

Zuykov and partners is a fast growing company operating in intellectual property protection market since 2004 with a team of experts with extensive experience in the industry, some having worked in IP since 1995.

Our work is based on our desire to create and perform attractive projects to our clients. Constantly improving and expanding our knowledge and experience, we provide extensive resources for solution of miscellaneous tasks for our clients and partners.


Zuykov and partners has been ranked since 2012 among the best law firms in Russia by «» rating, as one of the best Russian law firms in Intellectual Property. In 2018 Zuykov and partners was ranked among TOP-10 in two categories in the renewed «» rating. In the category «Intellectual Property» the company took the 2nd place, and in the category «The amount of income for a lawyer» it took 7th place.

Besides, the company was ranked among TOP-50 law firms in amount of income in 2018 in the federal ranking «».

Chambers Europe

The rating Chambers Europe 2013 — Leaders in their Field, made by Chambers and Partners also ranked Zuykov and partners as a leading IP firm in the Russian Federation.

Our senior lawyer Alexandra Pelikh was awarded an individual recommendation by the well-known international directory of Chambers Europe 2015 in intellectual property as the leading lawyers of Zuykov and partners.

Managing Intellectual Property Rating

The rating Managing Intellectual Property 2016 – IP STARS, made by Managing Intellectual Property magazine also ranked Zuykov and partners as a one of the leading IP firms in the Russian Federation.

World Trademark Review

Zuykov and partners was ranked in the «World Trademark Review» in 2017 and 2018 ratings, compiled by the «World Trademark Review» magazine and information service, among the leading intellectual property companies in the Russian Federation.

WIRP Leaders

Sergey Zuykov, Managing Partner of Zuykov and partners was included into the annual international ranking of leaders in the field of Intellectual Property - «WIPR Leaders» - 2018 in three categories at once - trademarks, patents and industrial designs. Inclusion into the «WIPR Leaders» rating means a high assessment of a specialist and his achievements in a certain field of Intellectual Property at the international level.

IAM Patent 1000

According to the results of the study conducted by the IAM analytical team, Zuykov and partners has entered the list of the Russian firms that handle successfully a patent paperwork. The managing partner of Zuykov and partners, patent attorney Sergey Zuykov, has entered the rating of the patent professionals.

Over 7000 clients

Show all clients, companies of any size and character.

Our Experts Opinions

We share our experience with the expert community

How to register your trademark

Radio FinAm.FM broadcasting with Sergey Zuykov

Court for Intellectual Property Rights will be independent

Sergey Zuykov on the air, radio FinAm.FM

Deprivation of parental rights

Olga Yurieva, head of the legal department, on the air, radio FinAm.FM


We participate in international conferences we exchange experience with our foreign colleagues: we become acquainted with their work and share our experience and achievements.


We share our experience with the expert community about intellectual property

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We are Members of International Organizations

We are happy to exchange experience with our colleagues worldwide, in order to maintain the level and quality of our services in compliance with the world standards.

You have the opportunity of protecting your interests abroad and we have enough experience to assist you.


We participate in international conferences we exchange experience with our foreign colleagues, we have handled over 1000 court cases in trademarks, patents, designs, copyright, unfair competition and protection of business reputation.

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