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Artwork Deposit

The advantage of obtaining official recognition of authorship for a non-published artwork is that you register the artwork and your ownership of it as well as fixing the date of the artwork creation. The registration is done with the Russian Authors Society.

Why register copyright

When you face a conflict related to illegal use of an artwork by third parties or you end up disputing your authorship in court it is much easier to prove your authorship if your copyright was officially registered. The court will examine the authorship certificate as evidence.

You may dispute somebody’s authorship by documents proving that the artwork in question existed earlier than the date of registration (deposit) of the disputed artwork. We recommend that the copyright be registered and the artwork be deposited with the Russian Authors Society (RAS) as early as possible.


Deposit of unpublished artworks allows you to secure authorship by fixing the fact of the presence of the result of creative activity. This procedure allows, in the case of a dispute or court proceedings about the priority of copyright, significantly strengthen the evidence of the author's position. Zuykov and Partners recommends making a deposit to the owner of any object of copyright or related rights. The deposition procedure is carried out by the Russian Authors' Society and its authorized online registration systems: iReg and n'RIS.

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