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License Agreement

This is a contract or agreement in accordance with which a holder grants the right to use their trademark, patent or software to another party, for a specific period of time, under conditions specified by the parties, and in a specific territory.

Why Enter into a License Agreement?

If you wish to grant the right of use in relation to your trademark, patent or software and receive the royalty (the remuneration for the right of use) for use of your trademark, patent or software, then you must enter into a written agreement.

Agreement Registration with Rospatent

Provision of the right of use for a trademark, patent or software is subject to mandatory registration with the Federal Intellectual Property Service (Rospatent). Otherwise such an agreement will be held null and void.

The correct execution and registration of an assignment agreement is not a complicated task for an expert who has a relevant experience in intellectual property protection.

Trademark attorneys and lawyers of Zuykov and Partners will be happy to help you in solving this and many other issues, will give you detailed advice and do all required actions related to the transfer of rights to intellectual property objects.

Price for License Agreement

Choose the number of objects (trademarks, patents, software) in the license agreement.

We can prepare license agreement and fill it for registration with Rospatent.