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Copyright to Software and Databases

Software and databases are also copyright objects protected like literary works.

Copyright to software or a database arises after their actual creation and is valid during the author’s life and 70 years after the author’s death.

Copyright arises automatically and is not subject to mandatory state registration.

If the state registration of software is necessary, then the software may be registered with the Federal Intellectual Property Service (Rospatent).

Registration of software officially protects the author’s or the holder’s right to the software.

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Software Registration

Filing an application for software or database registration

From 14 000 ₽


  • Assignment Agreement

    Software assignment agreement must be registered with Rospatent

    From 14 000 ₽

  • License Agreement

    If you wish to grant the right to use your software to somebody else, then a license agreement must be registered with Rospatent

    From 14 000 ₽

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