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Protection of Copyright and Exclusive Rights

Protecting your interests

If you have found that your IP rights were infringed by a third party or if a third party accuses you of committing an infringement, we would be delighted to help protect your interests and your IP rights.

Liability for Exclusive Rights Infringement

Under our current legislation there are three types of liability for exclusive rights infringement: civil, administrative and criminal.

The most common and probably the most effective way to protect exclusive rights is to hold the infringer liable and to file a court claim on the infringement of exclusive rights for your computer program or your database.

An article about copyright on computer program: origin, evidence, registration and liability for the infringement of rights.

Over 7000 clients entrust us with the protection of their intellectual property rights and brands.

The moment of the appearance of copyright and exclusive rights of the author of the work is considered the expression of the result of creative work in material form. In case of violation or challenge of such rights, an effective way to protect the interests of the copyright holder is to go to court. The confirmed fact of the offense, allows you to apply measures of civil or administrative, as well as criminal liability to the offender. The ignorance of the person committing illegal actions about the existence of the rights to the used intellectual property object by another person, does not justify the first one, but can mitigate the punishment.


We share our expertise in the field of intellectual property, our specialists prepare excellent materials on the topic of trademarks, patents, copyright, defense and litigation.


We constantly exchange experience with our foreign colleagues, conduct dozens of cases at the same time, and in five years we have more than 500 cases with a positive outcome.

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