Patenting Inventions and Technologies


Names, Logos, Brand Protection


Design protection


Protection of artworks: texts, media, images


Protection of source codes and databases


Licenses, assignments, franchise agreements

Protection and Disputing

Protecting your interests in courts, Rospatent, FAS

Patenting Inventions and Technologies

We will help you in protecting your inventions or utility models or maintain and protect your existing patents. Also, you may protect a design (artwork) as industrial design

We never promise anything we cannot fulfill. We can give promises only after patent search is conducted.

Patent for an invention is valid for 20 years.

We have 10 trademark and patent attorneys, and we cooperate with trademark and patent .

Patent for an invention relating to medicinal products, pesticides or agrochemicals may be valid as long as 25 years.

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International Patent Filings

In national patent offices or through the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty)


Protection of the Rights

If you discover that your patent rights are breached


If you filed a complaint on illegal use of your patent to police or court independently


If you discover that third parties illegally registered your patent



Before patenting an invention, make sure that the patentable technical solution has not been already patented
We will consider all legal requirements and create a unique trademark for your special benefit


If You Already Have a Patent

Your patent must be maintained on the annual basis, otherwise it will be held invalid


Your patent must be maintained on the annual basis, otherwise it will be held invalid


Защита прав или злоупотребление правом

Доклад Сергея Зуйкова на XVI Форуме по интеллектуальной собственности
Other Services in Protection and Disputing of Patents

Articles about patenting

Our specialists write articles about execution of applications, international patenting and protection of patents.

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We are Members of International Organizations

We participate in committees of several IP associations and are active in the development of IP law and practice. Through our involvement, we stay updated and maintain the level and excellence of our services to comply with the world standards.


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