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The Establishment of Copyright Holder

In cases when there is a dispute who owns the right on work (i.e. who is the holder of exclusive right on computer program, database, but there is no dispute who is the author of work) it may be settled through legal proceedings.

Depending on the parties to the dispute (legal entity or physical person) such dispute may be settled in arbitration court or in the court of general jurisdiction.

Legal Action

Legal action resolves disputes and could become a prerequisite for the application of other measures of rights protection established by law.

For example, the holder of exclusive rights on computer program, database who established its rights on disputed work, after the establishment may claim damages for illegal use of work from 10 000 to 5 000 000 ₽.

To bring legal action on exclusive rights acknowledgment on computer program, database it’s necessary to provide evidence that the plaintiff is the owner of exclusive rights on disputed work.

Price of The Establishment of Copyright Holder