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Letter of Claim

A letter of claim is forwarded to the infringer. The infringement can be settled under a pre-action protocol.

The necessity of sending a letter of claim is defined depending on the circumstances and the infringer. The bigger the infringement is, it’s more likely it will be settled under a pre-action protocol.

Price of a Letter of Claim

To start preparation work we need to have information on the intellectual property and on the infringement and the infringer.


We will prepare a letter of claim and will conduct negotiations to settle your claim and to terminate the infringement of the rights for your intellectual property objects.

Over 7000 clients entrust us with the protection of their intellectual property rights and brands.

If the owner of intellectual property has discovered a violation of his rights, it is advisable to secure the fact of the violation, and then contact the violator with a proposal to resolve the conflict. For this, the right holder sends a letter of claim to the person in bad faith. In the text of the document, the legal owner of the rights sets out the requirements and indicates the date of the response. The claim letter is sent by registered mail with postal notification or by email with a notary's certification of a copy of the website. If the offender is difficult to engage with and ignores the demands, the copyright holder goes to court and attaches a copy of the letter or a notice of sending as evidence of an attempt to settle the dispute out of court.


We share our expertise in the field of intellectual property, our specialists prepare excellent materials on the topic of trademarks, patents, copyright, defense and litigation.


We constantly exchange experience with our foreign colleagues, conduct dozens of cases at the same time, and in five years we have more than 500 cases with a positive outcome.

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