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Software Registration

Registration of software or database protects copyright to the software or the database.

The copyright holder may registered the software with the Rospatent.

We are experts in the field and would be happy to help you draft the application for the software or database registration considering all requirements of the customer and the author as well as taking care of the filing of the application to Rospatent.

Generally speaking, we would be delighted to help you in solving this and many other issues and provide you with exhaustive consulting and taking responsibility for solution of any questions related to filing an application for the registration of the software or the database.

Terms of Copyright Registration

Preparation and filing of the application and execution of all the documents take 4–5 days.

  • Filing an Application

    4–5 days

  • Checking and Expert Opinion

    2–3 months

  • Certificate Issuance


Price for the Services
Software Registration14,000 ₽
Total14,000 ₽

We will give you free advice and provide "Software Registration" service

The indicated schedule of rates is valid in case of 100% prepayment. Zuykov and partners reserves the right to change rates without prior notice.