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Annual Maintenance of a Patent

If you want to keep the protection of your invention you should pay the official annual fees. If the invention continues to be commercially interesting, you may keep the patent alive for 20 years.

Payment of Annual Fee

To maintain your patent you need to pay the official annual fee to Rospatent.

If the fee is not paid, the patent becomes invalid and any person can start exploiting the invention that previously was protected by the patent.

However, there is a grace period, and the patent can be renewed within three years period of non-payment of annual fee.

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Registration of intellectual property and the issuance of a patent confirms the applicant's rights to a technical solution and becomes the moment when the patent holder acquires the powers to maintain protection. To do this, during the period of validity of the patent, they are required to pay an annual fee established by the state. Rospatent does not notify the right holder of the obligation to maintain the registration. If the patent holder does not pay the specified amount, the protection and exclusive rights become invalid, and anyone can apply the patented result of creative work. The patentee has the right to restore the validity of the patent within three years of non-payment of the state duty.


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