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Protection from Unfair Competition

Unfair competition is a situation in which competitors (groups of people) undertake any actions to get favorable conditions; these actions contradict the laws of the Russian Federation, rules of business practice, decency, and justice and reasonableness requirements; harm or can harm the position of competitors and incur their losses or injure their business reputation.

The unfair competition related to obtaining and use of exclusive right for the means of individualization of legal entity, products or services is not permitted.

Protection Services

If you become aware of the third parties’ unfair actions related to the use of the rights for the intellectual property objects, for example sale, exchange or other introduction of products to the turnover when there was illegitimate use of intellectual activities and equated to them means of individualization of products, services, then you have the right to apply to the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service and demand to recognize such actions as acts of unfair competition. You should take into consideration that such actions can be taken by your company and a similar claim can be filed against you.

Lawyers of «Zuykov and Partners» will be happy to help, you prepare and submit an application on unfair competition acts of the opponents to the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service. If your opponents applied to the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service we will provide you full respective service. Our lawyers will do all required actions related to the protection of your trademark or patent or if you consider that the third parties infringe your rights.

Price of Protection from Unfair Competition