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Prior Art Search

Patenting starts with patent information search, i.e. detection, study and analysis of similar technical solutions, which are already known, in Russian and foreign patent bases.

As a result of the search you will see what has been invented and patented in your art, find general directions of solving the technical task.

Checking the Novelty and Inventiveness

As a result of the patent search you may check if your invention is unique and get comprehensive information for peculiarities of the invention practical application.

Patent Search Timing

Average timing for patent search is 2 weeks.

Price for the Service
Patent Search$700

We will check your invention or utility model for novelty and inventiveness.

We will give you free advice and provide "Prior Art Search" service

The indicated schedule of rates is valid in case of 100% prepayment. Zuykov and partners reserves the right to change rates without prior notice.