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Patenting an Invention

16 Mar 2021 (updated at 03 May 2024)

Patent for an invention is granted to the right holder in regard to technical solution such as product/device or approach/method described in the text of the patent.

Patent is granted only in case when technical solution has novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability or utility.


Patent Validity

The right for a patent starts from the date of state registration and is valid for 20 years from priority date and under condition that annuity is paid regularly.

Patent for an invention relating to medicinal products, pesticides or agrochemicals can be prolonged for 5 years.

In 20 (or 25 years respectively) the patent becomes invalid.


Annual Maintenance of a Patent

To maintain your patent you need to pay the state official annual fee. If the fee is not paid, the patent becomes invalid and any person can start using it within the period of its invalidity. The patent can be renewed within three years period of non-payment of annual fee.


Registration of an Invention

  • Write the text describing your invention which you are going to patent: device or method of receiving something.
  • Make patent search for patent purity.
  • Make the list of characteristics of your invention.
  • Prepare application for the registration of your patent and file it to Rospatent.
  • After you receive the decision on your invention pay for patent granting.
  • If an expert opinion is required then send the answer for this request to Rospatent.
  • After you receive the decision on your invention pay for patent granting.
  • Pay maintenance fees for your patent.


If at some stage you don’t know how to proceed please contact us and we will help you.