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National phase

If the owner of the invention wants to patent an object in other countries, it is better to use the international PCT system, established after the creation and signing of the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

The use of such a system implies a simplified procedure for filing an international application for registration of a technical solution in a number of states. Once received, the application first goes through the international phase. Then, the documents are sent to the patent offices of the states chosen by the applicant and the national examination phase begins.

If the right holder indicates Russia as one of the patenting countries, the application goes to Rospatent. After receiving the application, the specialists of the patent office conduct a substantive examination of the described invention and find out whether the object meets the requirements of patentability. In the Russian Federation, in order for a technical solution to receive legal protection in the form of an invention, it must have novelty, industrial applicability and an inventive step. If these conditions are met, the experts make a decision to register the object and issue a patent.

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If a foreign patent holder has filed an international application under the PCT system and has chosen Russia as one of the patenting countries, then this application will go to Rospatent at the national phase of the invention examination. When conducting an examination, requirements are imposed on the claimed technical solution completely similar to those that exist for Russian inventions. Since the application has passed formal examination at the PCT international phase, Rospatent does not conduct a formal examination of documents. If the technical solution meets the conditions of patentability, the applicant receives a positive answer, and the Patent Office decides to patent the invention.


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