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Expert Opinion on Patent Infringement

Illegal use of a patent is established by the Arbitrary court of the first instance on the basis of the evidence. The expert opinion has an important role in the procedure.

The certified patent expert prepares the expert opinion on the infringement of exclusive rights that support your position when you defend your interests.

In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the legal expertise can be carried out by the persons who have special knowledge in the fields of science, arts, applied arts or craftsmanship but who are not state court experts.

The expert prepares his opinion and is personally responsible for it. It is understood that the expert is independent and gives his opinion based on the research results. The expert opinion should be written in such a manner that its relevance and credibility could be easily checked with the help of scientific and practical knowledge.

We can act as an expert and provide you with the expert opinion or advise you on the issues of intellectual property rights.

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Expert Opinion on Patent InfringementFrom 2,200 $
TotalFrom 2,200 $

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