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Software Assignment and Data Transfer Agreement

This is an agreement under which a holder transfers the right to their trademark, patent or software to somebody else.

Rights Transfer

If you wish to transfer your right to your trademark, patent or software to somebody else, then you must enter into a written assignment agreement.

Agreement Registration in Rospatent

The assignment of right to a trademark, patent or software must be mandatorily registered with the Federal Intellectual Property Service (Rospatent). Otherwise the assignment of right to a trademark, patent or software will be deemed void.

The correct execution and registration of an assignment agreement is not a complicated task for an expert who has a relevant experience in intellectual property protection.

Trademark attorneys and lawyers of Zuykov and Partners will be happy to help you in solving this and many other issues, will give you detailed advice and do all required actions related to the transfer of rights to intellectual property objects.


If the developer wishes to completely transfer the exclusive rights to the software product or database in favor of another person, then the parties enter into an assignment agreement. Such an agreement does not require registration in the Patent Office and is concluded in free form and in writing. If the computer program was previously registered with Rospatent, then the agreement is also subject to registration. In the text of the agreement, it is advisable to describe the signs and features of the alienated program, as well as to note the gratuitousness of the transfer or indicate the cost of the full assignment of rights.

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