Patenting Inventions and Technologies


Names, Logos, Brand Protection


Design protection


Protection of artworks: texts, media, images


Protection of source codes and databases


Licenses, assignments, franchise agreements

Enforcement and Disputes

Protecting your interests in courts, Rospatent, FAS

Enforcement and Disputes

in the FAS (Federal Antimonopoly Service) Rospatent, the Intellectual Property Court (IPC) and other agencies

We are experts in our field and handle cases regarding protection and disputes in relation to:

Our lawyers have extensive experience in handling cases at Rospatent and before the Intellectual Property Court (IPC), Arbitration Courts, General Jurisdiction Courts, FAS and Police.

We never promise anything we cannot fulfill. We can only commit after your case is thoroughly revised.

We can handle dozens of cases simultaneously, and throughout 20 years we have won over 500 cases.

Infringement of IP Rights

If you have found that rights on your intellectual property were infringed, you can take different actions.

First you may send to infringer a cease-and-desist letter., If it will not help you may file a lawsuit against infringer to proscribe illegal use and collect a reimbursement.

Cease-and-Desist Letter

A cease-and desist letter is forwarded to the infringer

Filing a Lawsuit

Lawsuit to put an end to the infringement and collection of damages


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If somebody unfairly uses the results of your intellectual activity


Protection of Business Reputation


Enforcement and Disputes in relation to Trademarks

Disputing Rights in Rospatent, IPC, FAS
If somebody tries to register your trademark


Rights Protection in Courts, with Police and the FAS
If somebody uses your trademark without your consent


If a holder does not use their trademark


Enforcement and Disputes in relation to Patents.

Disputing of a Patent for an Invention, Utility Model, Design
If somebody illegally patented your technical solution


Protection of Rights to Patent in Court, Police and the FAS
Liability for non-authorized use of a patent and recognition of unfair competition


Enforcement and Disputes in relation to Copyright, and Software Rights

Protection of Copyright in Court, Police and the FAS
If somebody illegally uses your artwork or copyright object


If a dispute arises about the authorship of an artwork


If a dispute arises regarding the holder of an artwork


Articles about copyright and agreements

Our specialists write articles about execution of applications, international patenting and protection of patents.

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Patenting inventions and utility models

Design protection
International patents registration

Renewal, assignment and maintenance of patents

We have patented over 400 inventions


Names, logos, trademark registration

Trademark search and check

International registration

Renewal, assignment and maintenance of trademark rights.

We have registered
over 5000 trademarks


We draw up and register agreements

Assignment agreements

License agreements

Franchise agreements

and render further services regarding agreements

We have registered
over 10000 assignment agreements
on trademarks and patents as well as license agreements

Enforcement and Disputes

Enforcing our clients’ IP rights at the Courts

Filing and handling oppositions at Rospatent

Defending our clients’ rights before the FAS

Copyright protection

Unfair competition

Protection of business reputation

Ongoing court practice. We have handled
over 1000 cases
We are currently handling over 60 cases


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