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Legal Protection of Brands, Trademarks, Trade Names and Logos

Logo, brand, trademark or mark are various names of the same intellectual property object, which is officially named a trademark.

The right to a trademark is protected by law and helps in fighting unfair competition.

We never promise anything we cannot fulfill. We can give promises only after the search for similar trademarks is conducted.

Olga Plyasunova

Olga Plyasunova, head of department / trademark attorney, will give you a detailed advice

Trademark Registration

Registration of a trademark, trade name, logo or brand

From $400

Trademark Search and Clearance

Before you file an application for trademark registration and start using your trademark, make sure it does not breach anybody’s rights.

From $350

  • Trademark Development

    We will consider all the legal requirements and create a unique trademark for you.

    From $1,000

If Your Trademark is Already Registered

  • Trademark Renewal

    Renew the legal protection of your trademark every 10 years


  • Introduction of Changes to a Trademark

    If you introduce any changes to the name/address of the trademark holder, you must enter such changes into the trademarks register


  • Trademark Cancellation

    In some cases a trademark holder must cancel their trademark



Expansion and Improvement of Trademark Protection

Protection of Interests


Trademark Law Articles

Our Intellectual Property articles include information on filing a patent, copyright protection, trademark registration, and other topics involving intellectual property.

International Experience

We are Members of International Organizations

We are happy to exchange experience with our colleagues worldwide, in order to maintain the level and quality of our services in compliance with the world standards.

You have the opportunity of protecting your interests abroad and we have enough experience to assist you.

Over 7000 clients trust us the protection of their intellectual property objects and brands

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