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International Trademark Registration

If you are planning to sell your product or services outside the territory of the Russian Federation, you should protect your right by registering your trademark in the countries where you have business and use your trademarks.

Registration Options

  • Madrid System

One of option of international trademark registration is to file your application through the Madrid System for the international registration of trademarks.

The system makes it possible to enjoy the legal protection of a trademark in a number of countries which are members of the Madrid Protocol either in all countries (more than 120), or some of them, depending on your current sales and future plans.

In order to file an application under the Madrid System, you must have a registered trademark, or you must have filed an application for registration of the trademark in the country of filing an international application, in our case, the Russian Federation.

  • National Application 

You may take the national route and obtain the legal protection of your trademark by filing a national application with the IP Offices of the countries you are interested in.

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Step 1

Select the country of registration

Step 2

We will conduct further correspondence with the departments
The sign can be colored or black and white

Step 3

Select the classes in which you want to check the trademark, or their number, if you know it.

Each trademark is registered in relation to certain goods and services, divided into classes. There are 45 such classes today (34 - goods and 11 - services), they are established by the International Classification of Goods and Services for the Registration of Marks (ICGS). | The filing fee depends on how many classes the mark will be registered in.

Step 4

Types of international registration of a trademark
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Head of Trademark Department / Trademark Attorney Reg. № 1258 / Patent Attorney of the Russian Federation / Eurasian Patent Attorney Reg. № 63

Terms of international registration of a trademark

Filing an application
4–5 days
Formal examination
2–4 months
Obtaining a certificate
on the international registration of a trademark
Examination of the international application
8–12 months
Application acceptance notification
or provisional refusal

National application

Or, you can obtain legal protection for your trademark by filing a national application directly with the patent office of a particular country.
United Arab Emirates
S. Arabia


If a manufacturer decides to supply products to the international market or to foreign countries, it is important to ensure the legal protection of trademarks in these countries. To register trademarks abroad, an entrepreneur has the right to choose a national system and submit documents directly to the Patent Offices of selected countries or apply for registration through international systems. The benefits of using the latter option are time and cost savings. In the field of trademarks is predominantly used the Madrid system of trademark registration. By submitting an application in this order, the right holder is able to register the trademark at the same time in several countries participating in the Madrid Agreement.

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