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Amendments to Trademark Application

If a manufacturer decides to release products for commercial circulation on the Russian market, as a first step he needs to obtain a certificate for the trademark that he uses.

An application for a trademark registration is submitted to Rospatent. It is possible to send documents by mail, electronically through the applicant's personal account or through the window for receiving documents at the patent office.

If the applicant is a foreign person, all actions are carried out through a patent attorney.

The application material includes:

  • An application for the official registration.
  • Description, image of the designation.
  • List of goods / services.
  • Document confirming payment of the official fee.
  • Consent to the processing of personal data.
  • The power of attorney.

There are a number of requirements for filing an application:

  • The text describes one trademark.
  • The application is submitted in Russian. If additional documents are attached in another language, they must also be translated into Russian.
  • The applicant fills in all the fields of the application.
  • Documents are submitted in one copy, the image of the trademark is presented in two copies.

A patent attorney from Zuykov and partners describes in detail the procedure for filling out the form in the article: “Practical example of execution of application for trademark”.

After Rospatent receives the documents, the department's experts conduct a formal examination. If the application was filled out incorrectly or the necessary information is missing, the experts have the right to suspend further verification and refuse to conduct the next stage. Therefore, it is important that a specialist prepares the application.

Zuykov and partners has extensive experience in preparing applications. The company's specialists will help you to correctly draw up and submit documents to Rospatent.

Advantages of contacting the company “Zuykov and Partners”

More than 20 years on the market
More than 20 years on the market
Vast experience in the field of registration and protection of intellectual property rights
Attention to every client
Attention to every client
We correctly classify your goods or services and draw up a list for filing a trademark application
Professional approach
Professional approach
We use special software to control work processes and deadlines
We take responsibility
We take responsibility
We ensure official communication with Rospatent and monitor deadlines for payment of fees


To obtain a trademark certificate, the owner of the designation submits an application to Rospatent. The information received by the Patent Office undergoes a formal examination. At this stage, the specialist checks the fullness and correctness of the submitted application. Therefore, it is important for the right holder to carefully consider filling out the documents and the accuracy of the specified information. It is allowed to make changes to the already received application for registration of the means of individualization. These include correcting errors or typos, correcting the applicant's personal and contact information, insignificant transformations of the trademark, or reducing the listed classes of goods or services. To make these changes, the applicant must draw up a petition and submit it to Rospatent. Having registered the received petition, the experts of the Patent Office consider it and make corrections or refuse it.

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