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International Trademark Registration

If you are planning to sell your product or services outside the territory of the Russian Federation, you should protect your right by registering your trademark in the countries where you have business and use your trademarks.

Registration Options

Madrid System

One of option of international trademark registration is to file your application through the Madrid System for the international registration of trademarks.

The system makes it possible to enjoy the legal protection of a trademark in a number of countries which are members of the Madrid Protocol either in all countries (more than 120), or some of them, depending on your current sales and future plans.

In order to file an application under the Madrid System, you must have a registered trademark, or you must have filed an application for registration of the trademark in the country of filing an international application, in our case, the Russian Federation.

National Application

You may take the national route and obtain the legal protection of your trademark by filing a national application with the IP Offices of the countries you are interested in.

Cost of an International registration

You can compare the prices for registration and decide which variant is better for you.

If you did not find the country you needed on the list, please contact us, and we will give you the information regarding the options for trademark registration.
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