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Customs Intellectual Property Register

Enrollment of a trademark to the Customs Intellectual Property Register (the register of the intellectual property objects maintained by the Federal Customs Service of the RF) is an effective way of fighting counterfeit.

Please read the article about counterfeit and how to fight it

Advantages of registration in the Customs Intellectual Property Register 

This registration makes it possible to:

  • protect you from unfair competition
  • protect you and your consumers from unauthorized entry of poor quality counterfeit to the market
  • identify pirates
  • estimate the actual volume of counterfeit products import
  • prevent loss of profit and decrease in sales of own goods
  • consolidate own position in the market

You Have Identified Counterfeit

If you have already identified a counterfeit in the market, we are ready to protect your rights in administrative and court proceedings.

Price for the Services
Customs Intellectual Property Register Registration$2,000

We will give you free advice and provide "Customs Intellectual Property Register Registration" service

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