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Franchise Agreement

This is a type of a license agreement in accordance with which a party may receive, apart from the right of a trademark use, the right to use other objects belonging to the holder: patents, know-how, commercial names and copyright.

Minimum to objects of licensable intellectual rights may be the subject of a franchise agreement, including the following:

  • trademark
  • patent
  • commercial name
  • know-how or trade secret
  • copyright

As a rule such agreements are made by owners of a well-organized and smoothly working business model in order to enhance the business and obtain additional profit from use of other trademarks and other intellectual rights.

Correct preparation and registration of a franchise agreement is a complicated procedure.

Trademark attorneys and lawyers of Zuykov and Partners having the required experience in preparation of franchise agreements will be happy to help you in solving this and many other issues, will give you detailed advice and do all required actions related to the transfer of rights to intellectual property objects.

Price for Franchise Agreement

Choose the number of objects (trademarks, patents, software) in the license agreement.

We can prepare license agreement and fill it for registration with Rospatent.