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Well-known Trademark Registration

Well-known trademark is a type of trademark which enjoys legal protection with no time limit. This type of trademark must be known to the vast majority of the Russia’s population and must be widely used.

What is a Well-known Trademark

A trademark in the Russian Federation may be recognized well-known if it is already registered, either if it is a designation which has not been registered yet, but which is used as a trademark to identify products or services.

  • the trademark must acquire fame and reputation due to long term use
  • the product which is labeled with a trademark must be sold everywhere
  • marketing expenses of labeled product must be very high
Price for the Services
Well-known trademark registration$8000
Federal Service Fee
Consideration of the application$850

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Well-known Trademark Registration Service

If you want your trademark to be recognized as well-known you need to file an application to the Federal Services for Intellectual Property (Rospatent). This application will be reviewed by Rospatent expert committee which will decide if the trademark or symbol used as the trademark can be recognized as well-known in the Russian Federation.

Zuykov & partners LLC has vast experience in well-known trade mark recognition. To name a few: upon request of our clients VITEK trademark (certificate # 88), ETALON trademark (certificate # 90), VDNKh trademark (certificate # 153) were recognized as well-known trademarks.

Registration Timing

  • Application Filing 

    1-2 months

  • State Examination

    3-4 months

  • Rospatent Decision

    2 months

  • Certificate Issuance

    About one month