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Trademark Renewal

A trademark registration gives the owner exclusive rights to the registered trademark for the goods and services covered by the registration.

A trademark registration is valid ten years from the application date.

To extend the trademark registration, the holder must file a renewal application with Rospatent within the last year of the registration.

You may renew the trademark registration as many times as you wish, each time the renewal will be granted for another 10 years.

If You Did Not Renew Your Trademark on Time

If you missed the renewal date, please note that there is a grace period during which you still may file a renewal application.

We will be happy to assist you with the renewal of your or your company’s trademark registration. Simply contact us and we will send you a power of attorney authorizing us to represent you before Rospatent.

Over 7000 clients entrust us with the protection of their intellectual property rights and brands.

According to the norms of Russian civil legislation, the rights to a trademark are valid for 10 years. The beginning of the period is considered the date of filing the application for registration with the Patent Office. At the end of this period, at the request of the right holder, the protection is extended for the same period an unlimited number of times. For prolongation, the owner of the certificate applies to Rospatent with a petition and pays state duty of the established amount. The law sets the period for filing such an application: at any time during the last year of the valid registration. If a person missed the renewal period for a valid reason, then the renewal of the term is allowed at the request of the owner of the certificate. If the right holder does not make the actions described, the protection of the trademark is terminated.


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