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Trademark Development

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Trademark or brand development is a very serious and hard work which clients usually order in advertising agencies. Unfortunately not all agencies in the market are acquainted with patent laws and legal requirements which are very important in the process of trademark development.

What your trademark should be like

From the legal point of view the major criteria in the process of trademark development is the protectability of a trademark. It means that the mark should not be similar to competitors’ logos and should not arouse false associations. If a company ignores the legal requirements during the process of trademark development then they may get a refusal in trademark registration.

Legal bearings of a case

A developed designation may already be introduced to the market by another company. A lot of designations, strong from the marketing and advertising point of view are already registered. That is why you should look at things more widely and estimate them in terms of legal bearings of a case.

Timing of Trademark Development

The period of trademark development is about 2–4 weeks.


You will get your trademark.

Service Price
Verbal trademark development$2,000
Figurative trademark development$1,000
TotalFrom $1,000

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