Серверная ошибка, обратитесь к техническому специалисту


This is a final step towards registration of your trademark.

In order to receive a certificate, you must:

  • Receive a positive decision on trademark registration.
  • Pay official fees for certificate registration and issue by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property and file a request to the Federal Service for Intellectual Property.


The Federal Service of Intellectual Property issues a trademark certificate during 2 months from the date of the fee payment and a corresponding request filing to the Federal Service for Intellectual Property on state trademark registration in the State Register of trademarks and service designations of the Russian Federation.


You will receive the trademark certification.

Over 7000 clients entrust us with the protection of their intellectual property rights and brands.

To obtain legal protection for a trademark, a person submits an application for registration to the Patent Office. At Rospatent, experts conduct an examination and register a trademark or refuse protection. If a trademark is registered, then the applicant receives a state certificate. To obtain the document, the right holder sends a petition to Rospatent with an attached document confirming the payment of the state duty. This is the last stage of registration of trademark rights, which takes approximately 2 months. The certificate contains information about the owner and the trademark, registration number, duration of protection and priority date.


We constantly exchange experience with our foreign colleagues, conduct dozens of cases at the same time, and in five years we have more than 500 cases with a positive outcome.

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