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Trademark Cancellation

Often when you choose a trademark to register you find versions of your trademark which are already registered but not currently used by their holders, or your trademark may have been registered by somebody else, but the holder never started using it. 

Such trademarks must be maintained: changes must be introduced to trademark registration certificates, such trademarks must be assigned, i.e. the costs for maintaining the registration of such "unnecessary" trademarks must be borne.

In order to not to bear unnecessary costs, the holder may file an application for cancellation of their trademark to the Federal Service for intellectual property (Rospatent).

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During the term of protection, the trademark holder on his own initiative may apply for cancellation of the trademark legal protection. The reasons for such an appeal are: non-use of the mark by the entrepreneur, the legal entity has been liquidated or the trademark has acquired the status of «well-known». The end of protection of a trademark leads to the cancellation of the certificate and registration and the termination of the exclusive rights of the owner of the mark.


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