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Registration of a Place of Origin of Goods

It is possible to register geographical indications and designations of origin. Modern or historical, official or unofficial, full or abbreviated names or derivatives of the country, urban or rural settlement, locality or another geographic object may be protected in one of the two categories.


For registration of such geographical indications, they must have a strong reputation with consumers as a place in which a product is produced which has certain reputation because of its properties (taste, appearance, etc.) and associated with the geographical location of the production place.

The pre-requisite condition for registration of a geographical indication is a certificate issued by an authorized body (Ministry of Agriculture or Ministry of Industry and Trade) confirming the existence of product-specific properties associated with a geographic name and filed with Rospatent.

Price for the Services
Application preparation and filing400 $
Accelerated registration6,000 ₽
Federal Service Fees
Application filing150 $
Obtaining a certificate180 $
Total730 $

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