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Termination of a trademark right

It happens quite often that a trademark is threatened with cancellation, despite the fact that it meets the conditions of protection and is properly registered. Usually, this will happen in relation to a conflict situation when a case regarding an infringement of a trademark is pending in court and the defendant is trying to counter-attack.

Thus, this is a kind of retaliatory “defensive” measure when claims are made to stop the infringing use of a trademark.

Reasons for termination of the trademark right:

  • Non-use of a trademark
  • The trademark has come into general use and has become generic
  • Liquidation of the rightsholder

Applications for early termination of a trademark are examined, depending on their type, by the Intellectual Property Rights Court or Rospatent.

You can read more about the reasons for the termination of a trademark registration here.

If you are faced this situation, or if you cannot stop infringing use of your trademark, our lawyers are ready to provide you with qualified assistance.