Sergey Zuykov

Managing Partner / Patent Attorney of the Russian Federation / Eurasian Patent Attorney

01 July 2019

The Annual Meeting of the ECTA participants was held in Edinburgh

The representatives of Zuykov and Partners took part in the 38th ECTA Annual Meeting, which was held on June, 26-29, 2019. The organizers of the Meeting proposed an intensive program of the event, in accordance with which the meetings and speeches of the international experts in the field of intellectual property were held.

The first day of the Meeting was devoted to the sessions of the ECTA committees and the seminars devoted to the topics related to the mass distribution of electronic networks and IT technologies, namely:

  • Building up evidence on the basis of the information disclosure on the Internet.
  • The new IT tools and useful statistics.

The Annual General Meeting of the ECTA participants was held on June 28, and then the attendees discussed the latest news and trends in the field of intellectual property, after which three sessions were held:

  1. Trademarks – the new legislation and practice. The participants heard the reports on the application of the Trademarks Directive; on the marks’ new types that include the names of plant varieties and on the peculiarities of the designations that contain colour elements.
  2. Brexit – an “up to now” status.
  3. The strategies for protecting unregistered and unchecked subject matters during an examination. During this session, the peculiarities of the legal protection of the copyright subject matters, industrial designs, unregistered trademarks and blockchain technologies were considered.

The last day of the Meeting was devoted to holding the parallel sessions, during which the subjects of the discussions were: the use of intellectual property in the field of sports; geographical indications; the general availability of digital content; updating in the field of the management of domain names; the case law of the European Union and others.

Due to the high degree of the organization of the Meeting and the intensity of the program of the Meeting, the participants got a large volume of the useful information within a short period, what is an indisputable advantage of the ECTA Annual Meeting.

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