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Summary of the Russian innovations through the example of the innovations that have formed a part of "100 best inventions of Russia" in 2016

28 Sep 2017 (updated at 04 Jun 2021)
Patent Attorney / Chemical Specialist

Starting from 2007, Rospatent and the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIIP) select annually 100 best inventions of the year. The experts of the branch expert divisions of FIIP reveal during a year the would-be inventions from among those recommended by them into the database "Prospective inventions", giving them the highest score. Then the Committee for selection of 100 best inventions of Russia composed of the heads of the branch expert divisions and headed by the FIIP director, approves the list of the best inventions and recommends to awarding the patent holders of the best inventions with Rospatent's diplomas.

            At the beginning of the next year the official approved list of the best inventions is published on the webpage of FIIP, where anyone who feels like it can get familiar with them in a free access. The best inventions are chosen from the different areas of engineering such as: metallurgical industry, mining engineering and machine engineering, construction, transport, food industry and agriculture, organic, non-organic and polymeric compounds, pharmaceutics, medicine and medical engineering, electric engineering and communication, computer engineering, measurement technology etc.

            Based on the activities' results, FIIP counted, by 2016, about 59,000 registered applications among which there are about 42,000 pieces of applications for inventions, about 11,000 pieces - for utility models, about 5,000 pieces - for design inventions, the rest ones - are the international applications. Thereby the quantity of the patents issued to the domestic applicants in 2016 was very close to the quantity of the positive decisions rendered (the positive decisions are on the examination stage (the native applicants) – 21,054 pieces, the quantity of the issued patents – is 21,020 pcs.). The quantity of the patents issued for the inventions in 2016 decreased by 3.4% compared to 2015.

            So, from among about 42,000 filed applications, the positive decisions have been taken and patents for inventions have been issued on 50% of the applications, and only 100 of them have been recognized to be the best ones.

It is worth pointing out that according to the data of FIIP, as at 1 January 2017, 1816 active patent attorneys were registered in the Register of the patent attorneys of the Russian Federation.

            Premised on the given statistics, company of patent attorneys "Zuykov & partners" is proud that being an official representative of the Applicants mentioned below, it has made its contribution to the intellectual activity development in the territory of the Russian Federation.

            They comprise the following inventions that have become a part of 100 best ones:

- RU 2571551 "Specific concomitant therapy of malignant tumors with cytostatic agent and with its modifier" (The patent holder: Peptek CJSC). The invention relates to medicine, namely to oncology, and can be used for treatment of malignant hematological diseases or melanoma. The method makes it possible to enhance the patient outcomes due to synergic effect of the immune modifier and cytostatic agent in terms of the therapeutic dose reduction of cytostatic agents without reduction of their antitumoral effectiveness.

- RU2585111 "Application of male bee brood with the calcium compounds for curing arthritides and arthroses" (The patent holder: INFOKHIM LLC). The invention relates to pharmaceutical industry, namely to a drug for curing arthritides and arthroses. Application of male bee brood with the calcium compounds taken in proportion from 1:10 to 10:1 for the product compounding for acceleration of curing arthritides and arthroses. The product described above makes it possible to accelerate the treatment of arthritides and arthroses, to enhance effectiveness of such treatment in terms of simultaneous risk elimination of hyper-calcemic conditions incidence.

            Further this article will represent several brightest and most interesting inventions that have formed a part of one hundred best Russian inventions in 2016. Indeed all the best things that were acquired in 2016 — are technologies and goods of the future that you and we together will be able to acquire or apply on ourselves very soon now!

            So, the following inventions have formed a part of the rating of the most interesting inventions of RF of 2016, according to the version of company "Zuykov & partners":

The first place.

RU 2578086  "The method of ophthalmo-surgical operations conducting with use of an autograft " (The patent holder: Khurai Aslan Ramazanovich).

The invention relates to medicine, namely to ophthalmology. The method includes an implant site execution and implantation of at least one transplant therein. The material used for a transplant manufacture is a nail plate fragment of a patient, that is simulated according to a form of an implant site, and after sterilization, before implantation, a transplant is matured in dry atmosphere. The method ensures adaptation of a transplant to a form of an implant site as a result of natural swelling and use of an autograft that is similar, as to its chemical composition and physical properties, to the tissues of an eye.

The second place.

RU 2587629 "Reassortant influenza strain rn9/13-human a(h6n9) for antibodies determination to neuraminidase in influenzal infection and vaccination" (The patent holder: FSBSI Institute of experimental medicine).

 The invention relates to the area of biotechnology, virus science and medicine. The diagnostic influenza strain RN9/13-human A(H6N9) is derived by way of apathogenic virus interbreeding of bird influenza A/Larus argentatus/Sarma/51 с/06(H6N1) with cold adaptive vaccinating strain А/17/Anui/2013/61(H7N9) on basis of attenuation donor А/Leningrad/134/17/57(H2N2). The strain contains neuraminidase of influenza virus of N9 sub-type A/Anui/1/2013(H7N9) and bird influenza hemagglutinin А/Larus argentatus /Sarma/51с/06(H6N1). Strain RN9/13-human A(H6N9) reproduces actively in developing hen embryos under optimal temperature of 33°C, what makes it possible to accumulate the virus material for the subsequent purification and concentration. Strain RN9/13-human A(H6N9) can be used for antibodies detection to neuraminidase of N9 influenza virus in blood serums with use of solid state reaction of inhibition of the neuraminidase activity and the reaction of post-adsorptive micro neutralization in the cell culture MDCK.

The third place.

RU 2577132 "Immunogenic composition on basis of synthetically generated peptides that copy the actual determinants gp120 HIV1" (The patent holder: FSBI State Scientific Center "Immunology Institute" of the Federal Medico-Biological Agency of Russia).

The invention relates to medicine, namely to immunology and can be used for vaccines creation against HIV/AIDS. For this goal, the immunogenic composition contains the synthetically generated peptides repeating the consensus sequence of group M V1-, V2-, V3 - loops and V3 - loop of the Russian isolated compound RU A022a2 envelope-protein gp120 HIV1, as well as immunoadjuvant or dendritic cells loaded with peptides. This invention use consists in an immunogenic composition creation eliciting a response to each antigen of a composition composed on basis of synthetically generated peptides repeating the actual antigenic determinants of HIV.

The fourth place.

RU 2580251 "Mobile wave electric power plant" (The patent holder: Federal Autonomous Educational Establishment for Higher Vocational Education "Ural Federal University named after the first president of Russia B.N. Eltsin").

The invention relates to hydraulic power engineering and can be used for electric power generation from waves movement in big water reservoirs, seas or oceans. A mobile wave electric power plant contains a floating platform with a wave receiving chamber placed thereon, connected with an air-duct and air turbine connected to an electrical generator. The wave receiving chamber is made in form of v-shaped tunnel extended along the wave front with lateral walls, inclined bottom plane on its entrance and with a spring offset valve on the exit of the tunnel's narrow part connected with air-duct connected to the compressed air reservoir. The reservoir exit is connected with the air turbine. The platform contains the cavities filled in with water for adjustable buoyancy creation. The platform is connected with the pole by means of the flexible ropes. The invention is aimed at creating a mobile, simple in structure device that uses maximally the energy of waves.

The fifth place.

RU 2591134 "The potato-planting  machine" (The patent holder: FSBEI HPE Yaroslavl State Academy of Agricultural Sciences).

The invention relates to the devices in the area of the agricultural engineering industry meant for planting potato. The potato-planting  machine has low resistance to coulters moving in soil and minimal bruising of potato tubers when planting them. The technical result consists in the fact that use of the offered potato-planting  machine will make it possible to reduce energy costs for planting potato, to increase its yield due to bruising reduction of potato tubers in planting, and to simplify the machine operators' labor.

Finally, it is worth pointing out that Russia has improved its positions in the Global innovative index. Based on the results of a comparative analysis of the innovative systems of 128 countries, Russia has ascended by five positions as compared to 2015, in the Global innovative index-2016, having taken the 43rd place. The rating's leaders, the same as a year before, are Switzerland, Sweden, the Great Britain, the USA and Finland

Patent Attorney / Chemical Specialist