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A dozen inventions that is useful in everyday life, which will appear in the market in 2019

12 Jul 2019 (updated at 02 Mar 2023)
Patent Attorney / Chemical Specialist

Every year, new products appear in the market, which facilitate greatly the lives of people and make it much more comfortable. This article provides an overview of the international developments, which have been recently patented and which are ready for sale in the nearest future. Thus, a lot of technical solutions will appear in the market in 2019, which will become a real breakthrough.

1. TV sets/tablets/phones with a flexible screen (see application EP 3098802 B1 “A flexible display device and a method for its operation” published on 01.08.2018, the applicant is LG ELECTRONICS INC. This technology touched upon TV sets, first of all. LG represents LG Signature OLED TV R TV set with a roll mechanism. LG decided to use a flexible screen to create a TV set that had a large diagonal, which is convenient for watching movies, but at the same time it did not take up much space in an inoperative state. When folded, it is a small housing, which looks like a column. In its upper part, there is a hole closed by a lid sliding sideways. A flexible OLED panel with a 65-inch diagonal slides out of this hole, if the user wants to watch TV.

2. A thermal protective casing for placing and storing the mobile electronics (see RU 177588 U1 “A casing to protect the mobile electronics from lower temperatures” published on 01.03.2018).

A technical result of the claimed utility model is to ensure stability of the use of mobile electronics by means of maintaining the temperature conditions of operating, storing and preventing a snowstorm negative impact on the mobile electronics. The claimed technical result is achieved due to the fact that the casing to protect the mobile electronics from lower temperatures has a folio casing form and it comprises a compartment for placing the structure with the mobile electronics, which includes the outer and inner layers of the flexible thermal protective material, which are connected on perimeter, while preserving the holes for connecting headphones and a charging device and it is characterized in that the inner layer of the casing has a transparent screen made of the elastic transparent silicone material with a thickness of 1 mm, wherein the termoconductive polymer filament that ensures heating the casing is embedded on the backside of the inner and outer layers of the flexible thermal protective material and connected to an electric accumulator and a temperature sensor with a control.

3. A spoon for small children and the people suffering from Alzheimer's disease (see application CN 105380480 A “A spoon at a hand tremor” published on 09.03.2016). This invention refers to the field of kitchen utensils, in particular to the spoon with an anti-tremor effect, which comprises a housing and a portable part. The upper end of the portable part is on the same level with the center of gravity of the spoon housing. The spoon housing extends to the portable part as well. The upper end of the portable part is connected to the housing through a rotating part. The rotating part has a hollow ball structure. A half of the liquid is contained inside the hollow ball. The spoon housing has a plurality of the elastic elements located in a peripheral direction, the remaining means are located in the center of gravity, so that it ensures the spoon housing will not tremble, when the user’s hand is trembling.

4. A self-folding bed (see application WO2014032197 A1 “An independent device for putting bedlinen” published on 03.06.2014).

An independent device for putting bedlinen, which comprises an inflatable sleeve of a smaller size connected to a bottom bedsheet that covers the upper part of a mattress; the large inflatable sleeve is connected to the module, which includes an upper plate, at least one blanket and an outer bedcover, the said module being folded, when it stretches in the direction corresponding to the mattress back smaller side, which coincides with a bed foot; in which both inflatable sleeves receive air under a controlled pressure through a metering valve, which is supplied from a compressed air station. The said device comprises a flat base connected to the said C-shaped inflatable sleeve of a smaller size by means of the mending plates that are fastened and adapted to the lower corner segments of the mattress; the flat base lies in the plane that separates the lower side of the mattress and the upper surface of the bed base; the flat base is additionally connected to the C-shaped inflatable sleeve by means of at least one pair of the angular support elements, as well as with the help of the end connections of the transverse struts, which are connected to the side feet.

5. A rucksack with additional fastening the cargo compartments of the rucksack that reduce their vibrations during walking (see patent RU 189580 U1, “A rucksack with a device for fastening the cargo compartments that reduce their vibrations during walking” published on 28.05.2019).  

The objective of this technical solution is to increase the rucksack stability during walking, reducing the vibrations of the cargo compartments and the person’s weariness. A device for an additional fixation of the cargo compartments of the rucksack that reduces their vibrations during walking is an additional belt made of the textile tape LRTP-50 (a polypropylene textile belt tape) (the width is 50 mm), which is fastened to a waist belt over the cargo compartments of the rucksack at the chest level with the help of the straps and which prevents the cargo vibrations with respect to the anchor points of the haversacks. A Fastex type fastener is provided on an additional belt for taking off and fixing the rucksack. Thus, due to introducing an additional connection with respect to the standard anchor points, the device reduces the vibrations of the cargo compartments of the rucksack and increases stability during walking.

6. A rucksack with an electrical skateboard (see application JP 2015516904 A “Portable electric vehicles” published on 18.06.2015).

A rucksack is an individual folding vehicle that is worn comfortably behind the shoulders in the form of a rucksack, and if necessary, one can ride up to 15 km at a speed of 25 km/h with a single two-hour charge of a built-in electric accumulator, which also can be used to recharge gadgets and mobile devices.

7. A trolley for lifting cargo up the stairs (see RU 2314225 C2 “A device for transporting cargo along the stair flights” published on 10.01.2008).

A device for transporting cargo along the stair flights is a trolley of a frame structure that comprises a vertical frame and a horizontal one that are rigidly interconnected, having the rear running gears that rest on two wheels on a flat surface, and a planetary mechanism of the rear running gear that ensures a rotation of the wheels, and when the wheel stops on a step of the stairs, the planetary mechanism ensures the wheel lock providing the movement of the next wheel to one step higher, while the rotational moment dispatch is provided through a gear mounted on an output shaft and a gear wheel mounted on the main axle of the rear running gear with the planetary mechanism, characterized in that the front running gears are equipped with 3 wheels mounted 120° relative to each other, the rear running gears have the drive from the above output shaft of the gear motor that is rigidly fastened on the horizontal frame, while the movable frame in the device is pivotally connected to the horizontal frame, the front and rear running gears are mounted on the movable and vertical frames, respectively, a screw mechanism is mounted between the horizontal and movable frames and it ensures any position of the trolley in the range from a normal state, in which the front and rear running gears are as far as possible from each other, to a folded state, in which the front and rear running gears are as close as possible to each other, while the device provides the possibility of fastening cargo.

8. A “smart” bed (see application CN 101370457 B “A bed with a forecasting system” published on 04.07.2012).

During sleeping, people are very vulnerable and they are able to wake up every time, when somebody touches them suddenly. Frequent awakenings during one night can spoil the rest so much that the person can feel tired throughout the whole next day. The “smart” bed consists of a conveyor belt, which moves the soft surface to the left or to the right, when one of the sleeping persons trespasses on the side of another person. To identify these moments, the bed uses the pressure sensors. Thus, when one person finds himself on the side of another one, he moves immediately to his side – at the same time, no one wakes up from a sound sleep.

9. An additive to meat that increases its storage life twice as much (see patent RU 2640422 A1 “A composition for storing fresh chilled meat” published on 09.01.2018).

The invention relates to the storage of fresh chilled meat of animals and poultry. The composition comprises a reaction product of the mixture of propylene glycol and glycerin with a component of natural origin selected from the group including linden flowers, plantain leaves, rosemary, grape berry hulls, oat husk, basil, and also a reaction product of water with the hydrocolloid selected from the group consisting of agar agar, alginates, locust bean gum, xanthan gum, gelatin. The new composition for the storage of fresh chilled meat allows to solve the technical objective of increasing the storage live of meat without losing its quality at the temperatures of up to +4°C twice as much or more.

10. An orthopedic pillow (see patent RU 188899 U1 “An orthopedic adjustable pillow” published on 04.29.2019).

The main function of the orthopedic pillow is to keep a natural position of the head and the neck during the rest. In addition, it reduces the pressure in the intervertebral discs, improves the blood circulation. Spasms in the muscles of the shoulders and the neck disappear. Thanks to its ergonomic shape it is capable of following the shape of the flexures of the neck and the head. As a rule, the structure of such product looks like two rollers. The larger segment deals with supporting the neck, the lower one deals with supporting the head. The orthopedic adjustable pillow is designed for fitting perfectly the neck and the head to ensure a good sleep. In contrast to a conventional pillow, regardless of a filler and a form, it has one or more containers (inserts), filled in with a gas (or liquid), with controls that allow changing their filling capacity and adjusting the height and rigidity of the pillow. Adjusting filling in the containers (inserts) is exercised by a mechanical or automatic method. Each container being filled has its control that allows changing the volume of one of the pillow containers, what leads to a fine adjustment of its height and rigidity allowing to adjust the pillow taking into account the biological parameters of a particular user.

And this is only a small part of the technical solutions ensuring the convenience and comfort of our life. The development of technology does not standing still. Day after day, researchers work over more the practical forms, advanced functionalities and simplified designs of the consumer products that are all familiar to us.

Patent Attorney / Chemical Specialist