14 July 2023
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Zuykov and partners at the CIPIS – Pharma Session in Suzhou

On July 13-14, the China IP & Innovation Summit conference on Pharmaceuticals was held in Suzhou, China. A series of CIPIS summits in 2022-2023 is being held in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Suzhou with the support of governments and international media. The organizer of the summit is Conways Asia.

At the CIPIS conference, Zuykov and partners presented the case of PSK Pharma.

In July 2023, Zuykov and partners, being a representative of the company PSK Pharma, won case No. SIP-730/2022 on the application of Pfizer Products Inc. to invalidate the decision of Rospatent No. 0200200506 of 05/14/2021, adopted based on the results of consideration of the objection to the validity of the Eurasian patent for invention No. 0200200506 (6227) on the territory of Russia. As third parties who do not declare independent claims regarding the subject of the dispute, were LLC PSK Pharma and the Eurasian Patent Organization.

By the decision of the Intellectual Property Rights Court of 11.07.2023, the decision of Rospatent dated 05/14/2021, remained in force (the invention under the disputed patent was found to be inconsistent with the conditions of patentability "novelty" and "inventive level", the validity of Eurasian patent No. 6227 on the territory of Russia was recognised completely invalidated).

Earlier, Zuykov and partners achieved the cancellation of the Eurasian patent for invention No. 6227 on the territory of the Russian Federation. The patent belonging to Pfizer for the rheumatoid arthritis drug tofacitinib (trade name "Yaquinus"), is also used in COVID-19. At the beginning of 2020, PSK Pharma filed an application for registration of an analog of tofacitinib under the trade name "Tofara".

Patent dispute experts note that Rospatent rarely cancels patents of international companies. The cancellation of a patent for molecules on the grounds of PSK Pharma, whose interests were represented by Zuykov and partners, is a unique case in the practice of patent disputes in Russia.

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