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Rostov plant achieved a ban for counterpart to use the English-language brand name Mez Yug Rusi

19 Oct 2023
#Company News

The Arbitration Court of the Tula region ordered the local Trade Group International LLC to stop using the brand name in English Mez Yug Rusi, identical to the English-language brand name of Rostov MEZ Yug Rusi LLC.

As it was established by the court, the brand name of the Rostov company in English Mez Yug Rusi is contained in its constituent documents registered in 2014. The Trade Group International firm issued a record in the Unified State Register of a similar brand name in 2022. At the same time, the activity of both companies is the production of vegetable oils and fats.

In addition, Yug Rusi learned that earlier court decisions were made against Trade Group International to recover debts for non-fulfillment of contracts. "This indicates that the defendant systematically concluded contracts without the intention of executing them in order to steal other people's money",— said the representative of Yug Rusi in court. As follows from the data of the Rostov company, a criminal case has already been initiated on the fact of fraud.

According to Sergey Zuykov, patent attorney, managing partner of Zuykov and partners, the court ruled in favor of Yuga Rus due to the presence of a criminal case, as well as evidence that Trade Group International was not going to stop trading in vegetable oil.

Source: Kommersant