Sergey Zuykov

Managing Partner / Patent Attorney of the Russian Federation / Eurasian Patent Attorney

20 June 2016

Company "Zuykov and partners" as an official Exhibitor participated in the 138th annual meeting of the members of the Association INTA (International Trademark Association), which took place from May 21 to 25, in Orlando (Florida, USA).

Annual meeting of the Association INTA which this time attracted 9500 guests from 140 countries is a significant event for professionals working in the field of intellectual property, primarily in the field of registration and protection of trademark rights. The program was designed for five days, each of which was full of activities that helped to establish effective business contacts with colleagues around the world, and significantly expand the base of professional knowledge.

Under the meeting there was organized numerous working groups, including dedicated to electronic filing of applications for registration of trademarks, international legal regulation of legal protection of trademarks, the international practice of mediation, and more. Novelty of 2016 was the seminar on the theme of counterfeiting. The discussion provided practical solutions that enable owners of brands which are of increased interest for unscrupulous entrepreneurs to protect themselves from counterfeit.

The company "Zuykov and partners" for the third consecutive year participates in the international forum as an Exhibitor. The company's booth, as in previous years, attracted great attention of the members of the Association INTA.In The U.S.A the company "Zuykov and partners" was represented by a delegation of five people. It includes: the Director General of Zuykov and partners LLC- Sergey Zuykov, patent attorney of Zuykov and partners LLC - Olga Plyasunova, patent attorney of Zuykov and partners LLC - Victoria Makarova, expert of trademark division of Zuykov & partners LLC - Anastasia Kuznetsova and assistant of Director General of Zuykov and partners LLC -  Eugenia Dalbaeva.

Commenting on the results of the event Director General of Zuykov and partners LLC Sergey Zuykov stated that participation in the annual meetings of the members of the Association INTA allows, on the one hand, to be the first one who knows the latest news from the global intellectual property market, and on the other hand – to share your own wealth of experience and strategies for protecting brands and trademarks in Russia.


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