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2022 KINPA Conference in Seoul

20 Oct 2022

Korea IP Association holds 2022 KINPA Conference in Seoul on October 20-21. KINPA is an association of intellectual property in-house experts in Korean companies, with the mission of contributing to growth and foster competitiveness of member companies.

From this year, KINPA conference is transforming into a global event welcoming participants from overseas as well as Korea. The KINPA expects that more than 500 domestic participants in total will be in attendance this year. The Conference is held collaboratively in connection with the 73rd APAA Council Meeting in Busan.

During KINPA Unique Speeches the following aspects will be touched: 

  • Strategy and challenge for corporate IP in the global new-normal phase
  • Brand management strategy in digital transformation
  • Strategies for acquiring corresponding patents through analysis of advanced companies’ making patent cases, etc.

Zuykov and partners take part in the KINPA Conference. 

2022 KINPA Conference