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The results of the national program Digital Economy of Russia in the field of IP protection in 2022

Patent Attorney / Chemical Specialist

The digital economy is an economic activity based on digital technologies aimed at improving the quality of life. Digitalization has affected almost all aspects of human life, social, political, and industrial spheres. She did not bypass the Russian patent office.

In the field of intellectual property, new information systems are being introduced, such as Rospatent Online, which is a personal account for the provision of public services in a single user window that allows the applicant to electronically obtain patents and certificates, track the stages of consideration of applications. Another example is the Turnover of Rights service which fixes the assignment of rights, provides an overview of license agreements, thereby creating all the conditions for accelerating the commercialization of the results of intellectual activity.

The transition to electronic document management, full automation of formal checks of applications and applications, the availability of a huge amount of patent documentation and other information related to the protection of intellectual property objects, as well as the possibility of attaching 3D models of the claimed objects to the application materials - all this made it possible not only to expand and improve the quality of services provided by the federal executive body, but also to simplify the procedure for conducting patent searches and research, speed up the processing of applications, and, in general, reduce the burden on the federal executive body, increasing its efficiency.

One of the brightest examples of digital solutions in 2022 developed by Rospatent as part of the national program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation" was the search platform, which is designed to search for information about technical solutions around the world using artificial intelligence. It covers 26 countries and organizations, about 50,000 new patents, and has processed more than 10 million requests to date. The capabilities of the platform allow to search for such specific and complex objects as formulas of chemical compounds, amino acid and nucleotide sequences; in addition to patent search, analyze the development of the state of the art in the framework of patent research or the formation of a patent landscape. In the near future, it is also planned to release a corresponding mobile application, which will make it even more convenient to use this digital product without being tied to a computer.

In 2022, Rospatent actively began work on the development of a prototype of the Russian pharmaceutical register of patents, which provides for a unified register of active substances with pharmacological activity protected by a patent for an invention. Now only the pharmaceutical registry of the Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) is in operation, where the first Russian patent was entered in October 2022. The EAPO Pharmaceutical Register mainly includes information on Eurasian patents containing information on the active substance of a medicinal product with an assigned international non-proprietary name. In fact, the Russian Pharmaceutical Registry will be a similar tool for pharmaceutical patent specialists and experts from national offices to assess the patentability of new inventions.

Another promising online service related to the integration of departmental information systems, which is worth mentioning, is EAPO-Online. This system will allow a Eurasian application to smoothly go all the way from filing through a personal account on the Rospatent website to entering directly into the EAPO system, without any problems calculating and paying state fees online.

Further development of such services for interaction with applicants, integration with external government platforms, including international ones, will significantly facilitate paperwork and speed up the processing of applications.

In addition to creating new information systems using artificial intelligence, as part of the development and digitalization, Rospatent expanded the volume of data storage systems, increased the amount of computing power, and created conditions for updating the jobs of department employees.

In addition, the Patent Office has been constantly updating its information resources this year. For example, the site was regularly filled with useful information for applicants, feedback was organized in the question-answer mode, interactive platforms were created for training and communication with users.

The results of such active work of the national program speak for themselves. In 2022, more than 70% of applications for registration of intellectual property objects were filed electronically, 50% of applicants refused to receive certificates and patents on paper, every 20th application was filed with an attached file for a 3D model. The successful operation of the online software registration service was recorded, which is not surprising, because it allows the user to submit an application with the entire package of materials in a few minutes and reduce the registration time for a computer program or database to three to ten days.

The impact of digitalization on the field of intellectual property over the past year is quite noticeable, but the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation program in the future involves the introduction of many modern and promising innovative technologies. It is obvious that even greater progress will be achieved in the work of Rospatent, which is still gaining momentum.

Originally published in Patent Lawyer Magazine

Patent Attorney / Chemical Specialist