06 May 2022

LES International 2022 Conference. Back to Licensing: Restarting Business and Fueling Innovation

LES Italy will be hosting the LES International 2022 Annual Conference in the city of Venice in May. In 2022, the theme is: “Back to Licensing: Restarting Business and Fueling Innovation.”

The conference is all about transformations in industry and licensing. How have industries changed? What impact do those changes have on licensing intellectual property and developing technology? How does that affect business and clients as they create, protect, and commercialize innovation, and manage and monetize IP and technology transfer? 

The program is built around industries where transformations are occurring, including automotive, communications, energy and green tech, healthcare, and fashion. Roundtables, workshops, and opportunities to meet the speakers will provide ample opportunity for an interactive personal experience.

Zuykov and partners are the sponsors of the conference. You can view the program of the event here: https://www.theoffice.it/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/LESI2022_Venice_Programme_Brochure_05-02.pdf

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