05 May 2016

On April 14th and 15th, 2016 in Shanghai was held the “Summit on intellectual property and innovation”, where the company Zuykov & partners LLC took an active part.

On April 14th and 15th, 2016 in Shanghai was held 2 days “Summit on intellectual property and innovation” organized by CONWAYS ASIA.

The venue of the Summit as well as its subject was chosen not by accident. During recent decades China is one of the world leaders in economic growth, which is largely provided by the intensive development of numerous private companies, working in IT, pharmaceuticals and microelectronics. However, this does not mean that the issues of intellectual property protection and strengthening of patent law are relevant only for China. Not at all.

Due to results of the Shanghai “Summit on intellectual property and innovation”, abovementioned problems are international. Such conclusion may be drawn at least from the participants of the forum, representing not only in China, but also in countries of EU, USA, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Russia. The Summit’s participants on the one hand received a unique opportunity to learn specifications of Peoples’ Republic of China legislation in the field of intellectual property protection, and on the other hand to compare it with the norms and rules in force in other countries.

The success of the Summit was due to the level of its organization as well as due to variety of presented topics for discussion. CONWAYS ASIA has attached for participation in the Summit more than 400 senior officials, representatives of leading companies and experts in the field of intellectual property.

The greatest interest of the audience caused a discussion of the following topics:

protection of intellectual property in third world countries, protection of patent rights in the EU, prospect  of patent reform in the United States, management of intellectual property risks, trademark protection strategy, patent legislation of Peoples’ Republic of China.

On behalf of the Russian Federation in the Summit, in particular, took part Director General of the company Zuykov & partners LLC – Mr. Sergey Zuykov and Patent Specialist/Electronics engineer Mr. Alexey Korsunskiy. Moreover, the company Zuykov & partners LLC acted as one of the Summit’s sponsors.

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