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Most Absurd Patents for Inventions in Russia

27 Dec 2016 (updated at 01 Jun 2021)
Head of Department / Patent Attorney / Mechanics Engineer

Everyone knows that inventors are extraordinary people and sometimes their brains give out strange ideas, some of which they have not only turned into inventions, but have patented as well.

Every year, the Russians file about 56,000 applications to Rospatent to register their inventions. The whole process of obtaining a patent usually lasts at least a year and costs about 70 thousand roubles (including the services of a professional patent attorney, the document processing and the payment of the official fee). Nevertheless, in the official bulletin of the office, where all new registered patents are usually published, strange and absurd inventions that can lead to confusion continue to appear.

Here are some of the most absurd and ridiculous patents issued in the last decade.

  1. Glasses for swimming with a front view mirror. Patent No. 162597, author: Petrov Alexander Yurievich.

Picture captions: Reflection of the eye in the mirror

Inactive eye

Active eye

Eye direction

The patent for the glasses with a “front view” mirror was granted by the inventor from Vladimir. Externally, the construction looks like usual glasses for swimming, except that in the area of the bridge of the nose there is a small round mirror fixed on the glasses. With their help, the swimmer can see what is happening right in front of him with his head low. Probably, the mission of the invention is to make swimming safer, and its developer has stuffed a lot of cones against the side of the pool.

  1. Skrepler. Patent No.163950, author: Borisov Petr Ivanovich.

Petr Borisov, the inventor-paratraker from the Nizhniy Novgorod region, has developed and patented a skrepler. The invention, which looks like a clip, is a piece of wire – its edges are folded so, that both sharp ends are looking at each other at the right angle. Obviously, the skrepler is intended for binding the paper sheets. However, in the official description of the utility model it is not specified how many sheets of paper can be bound together with one skrepler, and if any additional tools are required for this.

  1. Device for drink consumers. Patent No.164709, authors: Yoffe Sergey, Yoffe Ekaterina, Yoffe Viliam.

Sergey from Irkutsk has obtained a patent for an unusual tube for soft beverages. It is equipped with a sophisticated mechanism consisting of valves and opening lids, thanks to which not only one person, but several persons can drink simultaneously. If someone uses a tube alone, all the valves for other tubes are closed tightly. If others join him, additional valves are opened automatically. All this is for joint drinking from one container.

  1. The bed sheet with ties. Patent No.163984, author: Belyaeva Elena Nikolaevna.

Elena from Nefteyugansk has obtained a patent for a simple invention. In total, along the perimeter of her bed sheet four long strips are stitched, forming eight strings on the edges of the bed sheet. The length of such strings must necessarily exceed the height of the mattress, and the width of the bed sheet itself should be equal to “the width of the mattress plus two mattress heights, plus two turndowns under the mattress.” It is not clear from the patent what in particular the strings of the bed sheet should be fastened to, as well as what mattress it should be.

The world does not stand still. People constantly invent something to make the life easier for themselves or others. But sometimes the ideas that come to mind to one or another inventor do not always help people, but rather do something on the contrary.

Dear our inventors, we respect you very much. We appreciate and love you. But we ask you very much, before drawing up and filing an application for an invention or utility model, please think whether it is necessary, whether it is any good doing it, and whether the patent will be of use or maybe it will do harm?

Head of Department / Patent Attorney / Mechanics Engineer