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Kristina Mulina

Assistant to Patent Attorney

28 August 2020

Funny patents for pets

Thanks to the rapid growth of technology, the quality of our lives has improved significantly, starting from medicine to space research. However, not every new patented technical solution has an evident meaning. A large niche among unusual patents was filled by patents for our furry friends. Below I offer you a list, after reading which you will understand what I mean.


Patent US6360693 "Toy for an animal"

As you can see from the picture above, this simple device looks like a stick. The device is designed for playing with animals and can be made of any material, including rubber, plastic or wood. At first glance it seems that such obvious things cannot be patented, but as we see, they can, and for someone there is nothing surprising at all.


Patent US5443036 "Method for training a cat"

The essence of the method is that you need to direct a beam of invisible light created by a manual laser device on the floor or a wall, or another non transparent surface close to the cat, and then move the laser so that will cause a bright pattern of light and the movement will be uncharacteristic as for cats, and for any other animal with chase instinct. What an amazing invention: you shine a laser on the floor, and the cat runs after the light spot and tries to catch it. A brilliant solution for a productive work out!

Patent US6883462 "A stick for freezing of dogs’ excrements"

The invention is a device in the form of an elongated hollow tubular body made of aluminum or PVC, a removable cylinder filled with compressed freezing chemical substance or refrigerant, which is inserted into the hollow body. The device is designed to remove animal waste. It is turned to fresh dog’s excrements, a button is pressed, the refrigerant is sprayed and freezes all animal waste, which can then be folded into a bag and disposed.


Patent US 4233942 "Protective device for the animal’s ears"


The invention provides protection for the ears of animals, especially long-haired, from greasing by food during eating. The device contains a tubular element for holding and protecting each animal’s ear and an element for placing the tubular element and animal’s ears away from the animal’s mouth and food when it is eating. In other words this simple invention is intended to prevent dogs with long hanging ears from accidentally eating them from their bowl.










Patent US5023850 "Watch that shows a “real” age of an animal"


Special watches allow to determine the age of a particular animal, correlated with the average life of people. For example, the multiplicity for dogs is seven; therefore, one year of dog’s life is approximately seven years of the life of its owner. The digital display of time in the human lifespan can be provided by analogue display of time in the lifespan of animals or, alternatively, the possibility of switching from one to another can be provided. A variable resistor between the frequency source and the receiving means allows the user to change the multiple for different types of animals. Thus, the presence of this device will allow to accurately determining how old your animal is in terms of human life. Isn't it funny?


Patent US4150505 "Bird trap for feeding cats"

A bird trap is designed to catch birds of a sparrow size, and smaller birds have the opportunity to fly away in time, thereby saving their lives. According to the author of this invention, the device provides an opportunity for the continuous supply of cats or neighboring cats with sparrows for food.


Patent US4872422 "Stroke device for pets"

The invention is intended to stroke pets on demand. So, for example, if a doggie becomes sad, then he can come to a mechanical arm, which will begin to stroke and scratch him. A vertical adjustment of the loop on the base allows using the device with animals of various sizes. But, I think, the animal will still need to be adapted to feeling pleasure from this invention.


Patent US4437430 "Device and method for training cats to use the toilet"


The cat litter box is secured in the toilet so that cats can easily use it. In the lower part of the tank there are holes for draining the liquid. As soon as the cat gets used to the toilet first through this device, it will be possible to remove the device so that the cat itself gets into the toilet. It seems to be genious, but the question of cat accuracy and hygiene remains open.


As can be seen from the examples above, rather funny inventions are created because of a great love to our furry friends that, we hope, will not only amuse us, but will really help pets, and make their life brighter and more fun.

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