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Trademark Search and Сlearance

Before you file an application for trademark registration we must estimate the chances and probability of your product marks or services registration.

The search could be preliminary, which means the search is made in open databases only, and containing the information on registered trademarks only, or comprehensive, which means the search is made in the databases containing the information of registered trademarks and filed applications.

Preliminary Search

Preliminary search is made in Rospatent’s database which contains already registered Russian trademarks or trademarks which received legal protection in the territory of the Russian Federation. You will need preliminary search if you want to filter away a great number of trademarks which you preliminarily selected or identify a holder of a trademark known to you, or the list of goods or services and the priority date.

Comprehensive Search

If you are interested in trademark registration, we will make a search of similar trademarks for you, both registered trademarks and trademark applications filed, and also we will check your trademark for compliance with the requirements of law. This significantly ( up to 95%) increases the probability that your mark will be registered.

Why You Should Order Mark Search and Clearance

The trademark you chose may already be registered, or somebody may have already file an application for registration of a similar trademark. This means you may receive a refusal in your trademark registration.

Also, there are a number of legal requirements which a trademark must comply with, and failure to comply with which may result in refusal in your trademark registration.

In case of unqualified trademark search (for example, if you made an incorrect interpretation of trademark search results) you may fail to find similar trademarks which may bar from your trademark registration and could be a reason of refusal. That is why you had better entrust this process to professionals.

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