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Names, Logos, Brand Protection


Design protection


Protection of artworks: texts, media, images


Protection of source codes and databases


Licenses, assignments, franchise agreements

Enforcement and Disputes

Protecting your interests in courts, Rospatent, FAS

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Trademark Registration

Logo, slogan, trademark or mark are various names of the same intellectual property object, which is officially named a trademark.

We are ready to assist you with the preparation and filing of the application for the registration of your trademark. We will take care of the communication with Rospatent, the Federal Services for Intellectual Property, until a trademark certificate is issued.

We never promise anything we cannot fulfill. When we have conducted the search for similar trademarks, we will give you our best assessment and advice for the filing strategy.

We have registered over 5 000 trademarks over 20 years.

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Trademark Registration

Registration of a trademark, trade name or logo

If you have filed a trademark application yourself and need help in obtaining your trademark certificate

If Your Trademark is Already Registered

Renew the legal protection of your trademark every 10 years

If you introduce changes to the name/address of the trademark holder, you apply with Rospatent to have the changes recorded in the Trademark Register

Trademark Cancellation In some cases a trademark holder needs to cancel their trademark

Development of a new trademark

We will consider all the legal requirements and work with you to create a unique trademark

Protecting your Interests

If you discover that third parties try to registered your trademark


If you wish to file a complaint with police or with the courts to stop the illegal use of your trademark


If you want customs agencies to prevent counterfeit products from entering the Russian market

If your trademark is well-known in Russia


Expansion of Your Trademark Protection

If you want to protect your trademark in additional countries


More trademark information

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We are Members of International Organizations

We participate in committees of several IP associations and are active in the development of IP law and practice. Through our involvement, we stay updated and maintain the level and excellence of our services to comply with the world standards.