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International Patents

File an International PCT Application
PCT Applicationfrom $600
Federal Service Fees 
PCT Application{{ client_company*1700 + client_person*170|number}} ₣
Банковские и почтовые услуги150 ₽
  • ${{ patent_search * 700 + 600 + 150|number }}
  • {{ client_company*1700 + client_person*170|number}} ₣
National Phase Entry
In Russiafrom $700
In Belarusfrom $ 1,250
In Ukrainefrom $ 1,355
In Kazakhstanfrom $ 1,368
In USAfrom $ 3,640
In Chinafrom $ 2,120
In Europefrom € 6,355
In Eurasiafrom 35,100 ₽
  • от $ {{ 1250*country_belarus + 1355*country_ukraine + 1368*country_kz + 3640*country_usa + 2120*country_china |number}}
  • from € 6,355
  • {{ 35100*country_eac |number }} ₽

File an International PCT Application

The PCT makes it possible to file a single “international” patent application in a single language in a single Office and pay only one set of fees, and this application has the effect of filing simultaneously in all Contracting States of the PCT.

The PCT system does not envisage a centralized procedure of patent granting in different countries and does not cancel national or regional procedures of patent application proceeding but it facilitates such proceeding since it stipulates two phases: international and national.

  • PCT Application

    from $600

  • National Phase Entry

    In selected countries

Prior Art Search

Checking the Novelty and Inventiveness

Patenting starts with patent prior art search, i.e. search, study and analysis of similar technical solutions, which are already known in Russia and other countries.

As a result of the patent search you may check if your invention is unique and get exhausting information for peculiarities of the invention practical application.

We will check your invention or utility model for novelty and inventiveness.

Patenting Inventions and Technologies

We will help you in protecting your inventions or utility models or maintain and protect your existing patents. Also, you may protect a design (artwork) as industrial design

We never promise anything we cannot fulfill. We can give promises only after patent search is conducted.

Patent for an invention is valid for 20 years.

Patent for an invention relating to medicinal products, pesticides or agrochemicals may be valid as long as 25 years.

Patent for a utility model is valid for 10 years.

Olga Dolgikh

Olga Dolgikh, head of department / patent attorney/ mechanics engineer, will give you a detailed advice

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