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Protection and Disputing of Trademarks

A trademark is a distinctive sign which identifies certain goods or services as those produced or provided by a specific person or enterprise. Trademarks can be registered for the name of legal entity or physical person who has the status of an individual entrepreneur.

Consumers identify a product by its unique trademark, which often implies quality of product or service and means that this product is produced or service is provided by a specific person or enterprise. As practice shows disputing of trademarks mostly concern large commercial and manufacturing firms that have the right for widely promoted brands. Quite often trademark legal disputes have rather wide media coverage.

Today legal disputes related to trademarks, their protection and their protection from the illegal use by any third parties are among the top legal cases. Such disputes are reviewed in Rospatent, courts including the Intellectual Property Court, FAS (Federal Antimonopoly Service), police and can be related to:

  • disputing final decision of legal protection of trademark
  • disputing recognition of legal protection of trademark as invalid;
  • early cancellation of legal protection of trademark;
  • protection of trademark from illegal use;
  • fighting counterfeit;
  • other cases.

Besides straight disputes of illegal use of trademarks the following cases to some extent can be referred to disputes: the cases related to competition and to division of sales market by manufacturers or by importers and distributors of goods. As a rule large companies try to use disputes of trademark legal protection or prohibition of trademark use in order to challenge competitor at promising market.

If you have problems with legal protection of your trademarks or if you need disputing trademarks of the third parties our lawyers will be happy to support you and to help protecting your rights.