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License Agreement

License agreement is an agreement whereby the owner provides the right to use piece of his/her work to another person on certain terms, for a certain period and on certain territory.

Why do you Need to sign a License Agreement?

If you want to grant the right to use a piece of work which belongs to you, it is necessary to conclude license agreement in writing.

It is not necessary to obtain the state registration of the license agreement. The license agreement is legally binding without state registration.

Preparation of the License Agreement

License agreement as well as pledge agreement may include a compensation or it may be a royalty-free agreement. If it is an agreement with compensation, the fee paid for the right to use the piece of work should be specified in the agreement.

We are specialists with necessary experience in the field of intellectual property to draft and assist you with the execution of the license agreement.

Generally speaking, we would be delighted to help you in solving this and many other issues and provide you with exhaustive consulting and taking responsibility for settlement of any question associated with licensing of rights on intellectual property rights.

Price of License Agreement

Choose the number of artworks

We can prepare license agreement and fill it for registration with Rospatent.