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Commissioning Agreement

This is an agreement under which the author makes an artwork based on the customer’s requirements, and the author receives a remuneration for making the artwork and assignment of their right to the customer, and the customer receives the exclusive right to the artwork.

Why Enter into a Commissioning Agreement?

If you order making an artwork, we recommend that you make certain to have the exclusive right to the same. After some time, you may have to confirm that you have the exclusive right to the artwork you ordered.

Development of a Commissioning Agreement

We will be happy to assist you in making an appropriate commissioning agreement considering the needs of both the author and the customer. We are experts who have experience in intellectual property protection to conduct the execution and registration of a commissioning agreement successfully.

Generally speaking, we would be delighted to help you in solving this and many other issues and give you detailed advice as well as take the required actions related to the transfer of rights to intellectual property rights.

Price for the Services
Agreement Development{{ 12000 + 6000*(order_count-1)|number}} ₽
Totalfrom {{ 12000 + 6000*(order_count-1)|number}} ₽
Choose the number of objects in the comission agreement.

We will give you free advice and provide "Commissioning Agreement" service

The indicated schedule of rates is valid in case of 100% prepayment. Zuykov and partners reserves the right to change rates without prior notice.