Sergey Zuykov

Managing Partner / Patent Attorney of the Russian Federation / Eurasian Patent Attorney

10 December 2018

The APAA Annual Conference was held in New Delhi

In November, the representatives of the company “Zuykov and Partners” attended the Conference of theAsian Patent Attorneys Association.The first day of the Conference was devoted to the registration and the participants getting to know eachother. On the second day, the opening ceremony took place, the thematic meetings and the master classes,as well as the 68 th meeting of the APAA members were held. The next day, the event organizers invitedthe participants to hear the speeches of the professionals in the various fields of intellectual property. Therepresentatives of the Patent Rights Committee expressed their point of view in respect of the oppositionand the public examination. Within the framework of the Anti-Counterfeiting Committee, the expertspresented a report on the topic: “Preservation and Liquidation of Confiscated Counterfeit Products.” Thespeakers from the Trademarks Committee introduced the participants to the peculiarities of theregistration and the use of parodic trademarks. The Industrial Designs Committee told about someinteresting examples of the judicial practice in the relevant field. The experts from the Committee for theAppearance of the Intellectual Rights and the Copyright Committee also spoke. The event coordinatorscarried out the workshops on patents and trademarks. The Conference participants devoted the last twodays to getting familiar with the cultural heritage of India and the Council Meetings of the APAA.The professionals, who attended the Annual Conference of the Asian Patent Attorneys Association, got anopportunity to lay the foundation for a strong cooperation with the professionals from different countriesand discussed the latest trends in the field of intellectual property.

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